Since 1988 I have been a system architect and developer of CRM software. I still am, but the software we started on back then has been rewritten several times, using a few different development tools and techniques.
We started with plain C, soon migrated to C++ and then wrote our own language, compiler and application server. The system had features compliant with state of the art Java techniques, like built in Web Server, messaging framework, XML parser, etc. But we where fighting an uneven race with the big guys that where early on the Java track. We had to develop our own implementation of HTTP, SMTP, POP3, JMS, etc. It was inspiring for us developers, but not very clever business wise.

We finally decided to stop developing our own propriety language and application server and started to migrate the system to Java. There where several reasons, including using open standards for easier system integration, open source software for faster time to market, and use of Java makes it easier to find developers with experience in language and tools, etc.
Today (2005) we use Java, J2EE, and open source software. The business focus is on sales force automation (where we started back in 1988). The system runs on any J2EE 1.3 compliant application server and is open and flexible to configure.

Since I'm a developer at heart, I cannot restrict myself to use Java at work. I was using Java at home long before we switched to Java at work. Some examples of what I developed follows.