ENTERTAINMENT FOR NERD'S Wednesday, 12 July 2000 $4.95

Toys for big Boys

Read about the world war two vehicle that is disturbing the peace on the beautiful island Djurö.

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Nerd Alert!

Read about the editor behind this newspaper.

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Serious Animator
or just a Wanna-be?

Find out why the computer monitor is glowing all night long at a home on the Swedish east coast.

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4WD och en Coca Cola...

Read about the off-road and rock n' roll party outside Enköping, August 16-17.

Today's weather

Are you planning a trip to Stockholm?
Check here if you have to pack your umbrella.

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Göran Ehrsson, June 2000, volume 1, number 3. Published when the editor have some spare time.
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Göran Ehrsson

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