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Djurö "Animal Island"

A peaceful spot in the Stockholm archipelago.

The name Djurö translates to "Animal Island" in English. It is one of the 24.000 islands in Stockholm's beautiful archipelago.

Djurö has some famous inhabitants, one of them is Göran Ehrsson. You can read more about him on page 5.

Lack of time

The biggest reason for incomplete web pages are lack of time and engagement by the authors.

"I'd love to have a detailed description of Djurö, but I don't have the time just yet", says 30 year old Göran Ehrsson, a software engineer that have many ideas but little spare time.

Volvo on thin ice?

Some genius inventors from Djurö has developed a secret chemical that make the sea water freeze to thick ice. It gets so thick that you can drive a car on it. The assembly is still secret but information from a reliable source says that it has something to do with substances called Winter and -Celsius. Our spy photographer Willy Nerd has managed to take some photos of the early tests.

ISDN on the countryside

How many month's does it take to install an ISDN link in an house on the country? Well, Telia (the largest Swedish telecom company) needed 5 month's to get it up and running!
A customer living on Djurö on the Swedish east coast got his ISDN link installed in the beginning of January 1997, but it didn't work due to old wires and interfering signals between the telephone stations. Telia had previously said that there should be no problem setting up ISDN there, the telephone network should handle it. But when the engineers installed and tested the equipment on January 3, they experienced lots of line errors and couldn't approved the installation. 5 month's and many disappointed phone calls and letters later, Telia finally got it to work!

On May 28 the first ISDN installation on Djurö was up and running.

Congratulations Telia for the fast work!

Telia says that they had to install new equipment in the telephone stations and rearrange the wires.

This Dilbert cartoon pretty much describes what happened. :-)

"Animal Islander's"
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    More ISDN problems

    Since May 28, the ISDN line at Göran's home has been subject to many problems. Line errors and complete out-of-service has been a common situation during the summer. Telia has been working on the problem, and in the beginning of August they did something right, because now it works 95% of the time.

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