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Computer Graphics

When bits and bytes spring to life.

I've been fascinated by Computer Graphics for many years and I've been working with different rendering software (mostly Imagine from Impulse Inc.) to create images and animation's, says animator Göran Ehrsson from Djurö, Sweden.


Rendering Package from Impulse Inc.

All graphics on this site (excluding photos) are made exclusivly with Imagine for Windows, from Impulse Inc.

Djurö Vision

A sleeping company, or something to count on?

Djurö Vision is a company specialized in making stills and animation's for commercials, web pages, and other marketing purposes. They can produce videos, posters, animated GIF's, T-shirt prints, etc. For more information, send an E-mail to goran@homenet.se.

The founder and president of Djurö Vision, Göran Ehrsson says:
"I try to earn back some of the money I spent on computer graphic toys during the years. But because of lack of time, I haven't been so successful in doing that though".

*Djurö is the name of the island where the company is located.

Free Textures for Imagine

Göran Ehrsson is not only rendering stills and animations. He is also developing textures for Imagine for Windows. Read more on page 24. If you want, you can download them for your own use.

What's up?

Take a sneak preview at Göran's Current Imagine Project.

Cultural Events

The local computer graphics artist Göran Ehrsson is now showing his creations for the public. Visit his gallery.


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