My father was vice president for the local fire brigade in the sixties and seventies, and he was also responsible for the vehicles and equipment in the fire station. Since we lived next to the fire station, it was easy for him to now and then check that everything was in order and well tuned. Every Friday he took one of the two vehicles (International tanker and a 1946 Willys CJ2) out for a test ride, and some times I was home from school and joined him. You can guess that my friends was a bit envious of me. For a six year old boy this was fantastic! At that age I even got a change to drive the Willys sitting in my fathers lap. So the Willys was the first car I drove in my life.

24 years later I found an ad in a 4WD magazine. The perfect Willys! Exactly what I had been dreaming of, it even had my favorite blue color. It was far more expensive than my budget allowed, but since it was so perfect I couldn't resist. On July 25 1996 I went to pick it up.

Look at some pictures that shows what an incredible job the previous owner did on the Jeep.




Transmission and axles