My first computer (back in 1982) was a Sinclair Spectrum 48K. I used it for games and programming, but it was the graphics that fascinated me. My older brother had a Sinclair ZX81 with black and white graphics, but my Spectrum could display eight (8) colors! I designed multi colored images by coding pixel-by-pixel instructions in Basic.

In 1987 I bought an Amiga500 and now I could really explore the world of computer graphics in 4096 colors! I bought ray tracing software, imaging software, and NewTek's DigiView hardware that could capture color images using a black and white camera and optical filters. The Amiga was calculating reflections and shadows 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Games became less interesting, computer graphics and software development took over my spare time more and more.

In 1989 the Amiga 500 became too limited so I bought an Amiga 2000 and expanded it with more memory and a faster 68030 @ 33MHz CPU. Using Imagine, a ray tracing software from Impulse Inc. I created awesome images (at least I thought so) and I always tried to do make them as real-world like as possible. One time, a friend of mine asked: "where is the picture taken?", because he did not recognize the furniture on the image. "Nowhere!" I answered, it's only inside the computer. :-)

I still have the Amiga 2000 sitting on the desk, but I must confess that a 2 CPU Dell Workstation is now the primary rendering engine. But sometimes I turn on the Amiga to see if it still works. And it does...

For nostalgic reasons I bought a used Amiga 1000 a couple of years ago. That machine is also working every time I turn it on.

Unfortunately I do not have time for ray tracing and computer graphics anymore. I'm still very interested and I subscribe to Computer Graphics World, but I have so many other interests that take time. Intelligent homes is one of them. A also have a house and a big garden that needs attention. And in June 2003 a daughter entered the scene. I wish I was so rich that I didn't have to work, then I would spend more time on creative things, like ray tracing, etc.

In my Gallery you will find some of the images that I made, primarily on the Amiga, but also on the Intel/Microsoft platform.